Wednesday, 17 December 2008

So sorry I've been quiet...

It just goes to show the difference IVY is making to my life already! I really don't know how I found time to dialyse before! I've been out and about shopping, doing uni work and on the 11th December I went in for a little operation to have the stent removed from my kidney (used to keep vein open where it is joined to the bladder), It was under General anesthetic, all went well and it was over in about 45mins.

I even a managed a night out on the town last night with the girls from uni! (Don't worry though I didn't over do it, I was in bed by 1am)! I have also been busy along with Holly's Helpers trying to push forward with the Battlefront - The Gift of Life campaign!

On the Kidney front, everything seems to be going well, my creatinine is 182 and my HB is looking more normal again! All in all I seem to have a lot more energy than before, I can cram lots of stuff into one day rather than having to pick and choose what to do, to conserve my energy! I went to the Hospital on Monday and spent most of the day there as I had to have my bloods taken before 10, had a ultrasounds scan on my fistula (which was fine) at 10.30 and then clinic at 1 (although it was nearer 2.30 when I went in.) So I'm down to weekly appointments now... although they have asked me to pop in for my bloods (before I take my immunos) so they can check the level of tacrolimus in my system, these results take 24hours and so they will be ready for when I go to clinic on Monday! This saves me going in on Monday morning to get them done and then waiting around for clinic in the afternoon.

The Battlefront campaign is coming along well thanks to Emily and Holly's Helpers, we have lots of exciting ideas on how to get the word about organ donation out there! I'm getting more hands on myself which is great. So here is what we have achieved so far...

  • We are in the process of getting a logo made - (proofs can be seen on my bebo page)
  • I have written to my local MP's, MEP's and even the Prime Minister Gordon Brown himself.
  • We have announced our big "Sign up" day which will be 6th May 2009 and we hope to get some celebs on board with this, and of course you guys!!!
  • The campaign has appeared in the National Guardian and the Big Issue.
  • We now have a link to the organ donor register straight from my Battlefront page Click here to have a look. This will be a great way of measuring how many people have clicked through to the ODR via the link!
  • I now have a mentor to help get the campaign going, Emily is hopefully meeting the man himself, Oli Barrett on Friday. Click here to read more about him!
  • We have lots of videos and photos up on both the Bebo and the Battlefront pages, so go and check them out!
So if you have any more ideas on how to get the word out there please get in touch, via here, Bebo, or drop me a comment on the Battlefront page... its always great to hear your thoughts/views/opinions!


  1. Hiya Holly sounds like busy schedule although fun xmas shopping getting into festive spirit. :D take care & hope alls ok with blood results etc....Take care.

    Elaine :D x

  2. great stuff Holz! I'm totally excited for you and give me a buzz if there is anything I can do for you
    jen x