Friday, 26 December 2008

Hey everyone! Hope you all had a lovely christmas day I spent time with my family, enjoying my first Christmas in 4 years free from dialysis and the restraints that came with it. I was able to eat and drink what I wanted and had lots more energy to enjoy the day and the festivities! (I was the only family member who didn't need an afternoon nap)

Click here
to see some pictures of Ivy (my kidney) and Abigail's 1st Christmas.

We popped open the champers, that mum and dad received 3 years ago (for their 25th wedding anniversary). They said they would save it for the first christmas after my transplant!
But whilst celebrating, thoughts of my donor weren't to far from all our minds, We released a Christmas balloon in memory of my donor to let them know we were thinking of them and their family. As obviously while we were celebrating my first Christmas with my transplant, they were experiencing their first Christmas without their loved one who gave me the greatest gift of all - The Gift of Life x


  1. Very thoughtful Holly as times like Xmas etc we do think of the donor and their famalies who have made your transplant possible etc.
    Glad that you have had time to celebrate and also reflect on how your transplant has changed your and your famalies life too....

    Gorgeous pics of your little nephew sooo cute! You must be all so proud!:D

    Christmas wishes to you 'Holly' and your family best wishes Elaine Rach & family.xx :D

    ps -well done for your work on promoting organ donations to help others'like yourself too....

  2. oops sorry! neice! sooo cute!lol

  3. Happy Christmas Holly! Glad it was a good one :-) 2009 is going to be exciting for us both eh?!

  4. Wonderful blog sweetie....SO glad you had a fantastic Christmas - am off to have a look at your Battlefront page to see if your videos are up so I can watch them! Em xx