Monday, 1 December 2008

Hello strangers!

I feel really bad for neglecting the blog but things have been a bit manic recently!

So a quick update....

On the kidney front, things are going well, results are all going in the right direction and more importantly I'm starting to feel the benefits! I have had 4 doses of IV Iron to boost my Hemoglobin levels which are low. This seems to have helped, it's still not normal but it is much improved, I am also meant to have a drug called aranesp which will also build up my HB but my blood pressure has been too high for me to have this so we have to wait for that to sort itself before I can start on the aranesp. I have been put on 2 different blood pressure tablets to try and lower it but the docs think the main reason for it being high is the amount of fluid I have on board. At my worst I was 10kg over my dry weight!!!! Luckily I have been put on water tablets (frusimide) to get some of the fluid off, this is doing the trick and I can finally see my ankles!!! Sadly it won't do anything for my steroid "Moonface" but hey hopefully that will go down when the steroids are reduced, and anyway its worth it!

The downside to this is I'm going to the toilet every 15minutes, meaning I can't go out much, but hopefully I won't be on them for too long and I'll be able to get out and about again soon!

I went to the hospital today and I didn't even have to wait around for my blood results, which is great!!! They said they would ring... they haven't but I'm not worried as no news is good news! They told me I don't need to go back till Thursday so I'm down to twice weekly visits which is great! I've also been booked in for a little operation (day case) on 11th December to get the stent removed out of Ivy (my kidney). This will be done under General Anesthetic, but from start to finish should only take half an hour. Also going for an ultrasound scan on my fistula on 15th Dec, even though I'm not using it anymore it still has to be checked to make sure it's still working and not narrowing again.

In other news the Battlefront campaign is really going full steam ahead, thanks to Emily and "Holly's Helpers" to find out more click here. I also have a bebo page up and running so to have a nosey at that too click here and add me as a friend! All ideas are under wraps at the minute but I'll let you know as soon as possible about any developments!
I'm also busy trying to do a piece of uni work so I don't get to far behind! So its all go, go, go at the minute, I don't know how I managed to fit in dialysis before, the freedom is great! I can't believe its only just over 5 weeks and the difference is noticable already.

I promise to update this more often! Thanks for all your supportive messages! x


  1. I am thrilled to read this update on you! I hope everything goes well with the stent removal, your Battlefront campaign, your university assignments and everything else!

    --some stranger in North Carolina


  2. Hey Holly,

    Great to hear you are doing well, and Ivy! Twice weekly visits... great achievement!
    Keep warm and well.
    Battlefront campaign looks great... very inspirational. xxx

  3. The stent removal is easy; I had mine done without any type of sedation or anesthesia (just the way they do it in the US, I guess), and it took less than 2 minutes from the time the doc inserted the scope.

    Glad the fluid is starting to come off.