Friday, 31 October 2008

Yesterday was definitely a good day as I got a few texts from the lady herself!

Firstly her mum texted saying Hols wasn't as sick or drowsy as she had been previously and was looking much more like herself, and then I received a few texts from Holly, saying she's not feeling too bad and that she managed to have a shower (any post transplant people reading will know how vital the shower bit is to start you on the road to feeling human again!) She has also been walking around with the physio and did some stairs yesterday!

Kidney still fast asleep but scans continue to show it looks absolutely fine. Anyone got an alarm clock...?!



  1. woo stairs! am sending all my most alert vibes to your sleepy kidney so it wakes up soon! maybe you should get in some fanta lemon - jen's kidney woke up with a start after she drunk that didn't it?! much love xxx

  2. Go Holly!You rock! Now we just need that kidney to catch up with the rest of you - maybe its in shock.
    lots of love

  3. Wooooooooo Stairs!!! Wow, you're awesome. Glad you're feeling better x