Saturday, 25 October 2008

Emily here! I've hijacked Holly's blog (I promise she asked me to do it!) in order to bring you the most exciting news!

Holly texted me yesterday saying she had been called with the news that they might have a kidney for her. Many hours passed with no news until we got the fantastic message that the transplant was going ahead! She came out of surgery in the early hours of the morning and everything went well.

Even more amazingly, I later received a text from Holly herself! She is doing ok, a little sore and feeling “quite dopey” but is sounding like her usual positive self. The kidney has not yet started working – this is quite normal, as it often takes a little while for the new organ to get going – but please send her all the positive vibes you can.

I will update here on Holly’s behalf but hopefully that won’t be for very long at all as the lady herself will be back as soon as she can.

Thank you for all your support for this wonderful lady – we are so proud to have her as a LLTGL advocate.



  1. So pleased for you that your blog now needs a new name as you are no longer 'waiting for the call'. That is absolutely fabulous news. ENJOY your new life, may God Bless your every day.

  2. WOOOOOOOOO!!!! I am so happy that i just ran downstairs and told my whole family (this isn't easy with 53 staples in your tummy!) Am sending her all my positive vibes. Absolutely FAB news!!! much love xxxxxx

  3. It's Holly Cocker's mum here. That is wonderful news! Really hope all goes well. My Holly has just come home from her transplant so just a few days ahead. Very best wishes to you Holly and your family.
    Amanda x

  4. Wonderfull so happy for you Holy sending lal the positive vibes i can. Hope you ad yur kidey live long and happy together lol..

  5. So pleased to hear the news about your kidney transplant Holly (thanx Emily for letting us know). Hoping all goes well and send positive vibes to you and your family too.((hugz))Know you have been waiting a good while and was on dialysis same time as Rach too.

    Also thanx for all your hard work dedication and inspiration to promoting organ donation.

    Prayers and thoughts to you ((hugz)) Elaine Rach & family xx

  6. Hurrah for the fabulous news. Who knows, perhaps your donor or their family were affected by some of the amazing hard work you've done over the years. Amazing to think you may have played a part in your very own Tx.

    Wishing you a speedy and uncomplicated recovery and a healthy, bounced filled future with your kidneys.


    Helen (reader of Emily's, battle front voter (on my computer, my boyf's and all the machines at work!) and former transplant worker)

  7. Brilliant news about your new kidney. hope your recovery is quick and trouble free. x

  8. So happy to hear you got your call Holly :)

    Sending lots of positive vibes and hoping for a quick recovery so you can start your new life.


  9. What wonderful news, I hope that everything goes well and that Holly is soon back updating us herself.

    Thanks Emily for the update :)

    Mad Asthmatic

  10. Hooray!!!!!! I'm so excited for you Holly, it made our evening to hear your wonderful news. Glad you are doing so well, you are definitely a fab lady. Lots of love, Oli's K xxx

  11. So pleased to hear the good news!

  12. Really chuffed for you, Holly. Hope you make a speedy recovery and that the kidney is happy in its new home :-)

    Audrey (LLTGL)xx

  13. Fantastic, only just heard about the new kidney so pleased for you beautiful. xxx