Friday, 17 October 2008

Was so busy wittering on about things that I completely missed out another hospital appointment I had been to!

It was my 3 monthly check up with my consultant on Wednesday morning (before uni) there were a few things to talk about, we discussed my tablets which I will need to change soon (my alucaps) because if you take them for more than 3 months the magnesium builds up in your bones and makes them weak. I am disappointed as these are my favourite phosphate binders (having favourites, how sad am I?) because they aren't too big and dont take much fluid to swallow. The new tablets he will put me on in a month will be BIG chewable ones that taste horrible apparantly. ewwwwww, something to look forward to! The consultant also said that my HB (hemoglobin/blood count) is low and that I would need Iron infusions to give me a boost and push this figure up! I had been feeling tired recently, thought it was just normal, it was probably down to this. He also mentioned my high pulse again, his solution is that I am unfit and need to do more excersise to bring it down, its easy for him to say, I cant exactly run a marathon after dialysis, in fact sometimes I struggle to make the car without feeling lightheaded. Finally he had a look at my arm and felt the stent and agreed with the surgeon that all was fine!

So some things to change but on the whole an O.K report! (Don't know how all this slipped my mind!


  1. Don't you sometimes wish that the doctor that is treating you could go on dialysis for like a week to see how we feel (and to see if they would like to go for a nice run then)! I just joined curves-I don't know if they have those by you, but you can look it up at They do have clubs in England (i think thats where you said you are from). Anyways, its actually fun and relatively easy. But anyways, I can sympathize. After one surgury, i was 2 days out and still had a foley in and my dr made me ride a stationary bike. Everyone said they felt so bad to make me do it, but the dr. would stand outside the window and make sure they did. Nice.

  2. I'm seeing you tomorrow. Weeeeeee!!