Wednesday, 3 September 2008

Just a quick blog...

Still no sign of baby, Fiona went in to be induced yesterday but nothing has happened yet! Will keep you updated...

All this baby stuff is sort of keeping my mind off the procedure on my arm that is happening tomorrow (am a little bit nervous,) I'm hoping I'll be well enough to visit my neice if she is born, I am determined I will be... even if my arm is dropping off, I'll be there! x


  1. good luck with your arm op! i'm sure it'll be fine. xx

  2. Good luck for tomorrow :-)
    Jac x

  3. Thinking of you lots and lots for tomorrow...and your sister :) xx

  4. Thanks for your comments girlies!


    PS - Fiona is my sis-in-law Emily :o)

  5. Hope all went ok with your op Holly . Waiting arrival of a very special delivery too??.....good luck to you and your family u all excited?

    take care Elaine & Rach x :D