Thursday, 11 September 2008

Hi... Sorry I've been so delayed in updating! Still on a high from becoming an Auntie! Abigail is just gorgeous, not seen her today but will pop by my brothers house tomorrow to see them all!

Now to fill you in on my Fistulaplasty, it didn't go quite to plan as the narrowing was worse than they first anticipated!

I arrived at the Royal at about 7.30 and the nurse guided me to my bed at which two other ladies were sitting so I was a bit confused, she explained that (as usual) there was a bed problem, but because my mum had rang up and said we were on our way that the bed was mine! The nurse then took some blood, asked some routine questions, gave me a lovely sexy gown and that was it.... the waiting began. Breakfast came and I decided that instead of starving myself like last time I would chance a piece of toast, which I am glad I did as breakfast came and went and so did dinner (which I didn't eat). So more waiting and more waiting, (at this point I was having a kip on the bed.) I got changed into my sexy gown that flashes your bum and eventually went down to the radiology department about 2.30pm! I went into a cubicle, signed a consent form, and a form to say I was willing to take part in a stent trial (they are testing new covered stents) then I walked into the theatre about 2.45!

I was in the theatre for just over an hour this time as things weren't totally straight forward, the narrowing was bigger than they thought, It was a bit uncomfortable when they were pushing and pulling at my arm. Next they inserted a wire, a tube and a balloon into the vein and filled the balloon up with saline! At this point my toes were curling a bit and the nurse checked I was ok as it was very painful for about 30seconds but the pain went immediately when the balloon was let down! They had to do this with 4 different balloons to ensure the narrowing had gone (the surgeon was very impressed at how well I was handling the pain and said he would have been crying - typical man) A 4cm titanium stent (which is very expensive) was inserted through the wire and into my vein, it was then opened to the size of the vein to ensure the narrowing didn't return. I mentioned I was taking part in a trial before, this process is randomised and so at the begining of the procedure an envelope was opened to see which stent I would receive, turns out it was the plain old stent anyway so it didn't really matter haha! Although I think the surgeon will still take more interest in my scans when I return.

The tube was taken out and the nurse placed pressure on the wound for 10mins in the recovery room. I didn't even need a dressing on it. I went back up to the ward on the bed (I could have walked, but they insisted) I then immediately got dressed ready to go home and they said I had to stay till 5, but they could see I was dying to get away so at 4.15 the nurse said I could go. However a friend of mine (a nurse from another ward) turned up for a chat which was nice, so we didn't end up leaving till 4.45 anyway!

My arm is ok now, I can actually feel the stent under my skin which is a bit freaky! I haven't got a bruise whatsoever which is great. The only problem is, is when the nurses are needling my fistula it is alot more painful than it used to be, they have to push alot harder (its like they are hitting a barrier, or the skin is tougher) I'm not sure if this is them having to needle through the stent or not! Hopefully the procedure has been successful and I wont need anymore work doing on it in the near future, I have to go back for a scan in a month's time, so we'll just have to wait and see! Will keep you posted!


  1. what a nightmare day! Sounds like you were a star should have asked the guy if you could have a go on him to see if he really would cry ;)

    Glad it went ok in the end but I hope the accessing pain goes away. much love xxx

  2. Sounds painful!! Hope it keeps working and hope even more that call comes, so you won't need it any more!
    jac xx

  3. Hiya Rachs fistula was tough and painful from the start :(. However hope that yours settles down soon. Have you used Emla? that helps.

    take care Elaine & Rach x :D

  4. OooohAwAwAwAwwwww! That sounds painful hun! So glad its over and all working ok, hope they gave you a sticker for bravery lol! The photos of your niece are simply gorgeous and you look so proud in them :o) Looking forward to keeping updated with her progress xxxx

  5. Well done gettin through it. Sounds sore. Should have go the doc to make a ballon aninal since he was having so much practise on your arm lol. Hope it keeps it working for you.


  6. hi Holz, sounds yuck :(
    Exciting to have a new niece to take your mind off it :)