Friday, 5 September 2008

I am the proud Auntie of a beautiful baby girl called Abigail Louise Shaw, she was born this morning (05/09/08) at 7.15am weighing 7lb 8 and a half! She was born by emergency c-section which was a bit traumatic for Mum, Dad and Baby but all are doing well. I met her for the first time this afternoon, she had her eyes open and was so alert!

Theres some pics on Facebook, if you want to see, click here and here.

I'm the smiliest person tonight...wishing Fiona a speedy recovery x x x

PS - op went ok, It took an hour, 4 balloons and a stent, it was very painful but it's not feeling too bad tonight.


  1. CONGRATULATIONS Auntie Holly!!! I'm so pleased to hear that the little one has arrived safely. Also glad your op went ok sweetie xxxx

  2. Congrats lovely news and proud Auntie :D
    glad u op over now too and went ok as well as can be 'as such'..take care -take it easy...

    Elaine & Rach x :D