Monday, 11 August 2008

Hi, sorry I've been lazy in updating, thats because not much has happened in the world of Holly this week!

Me and the folks took Fiona out for lunch a couple of times to keep her occupied while we wait for the little bubs to make an appearance, think she is getting fed up waiting now, then again I think we all are. We also went out with her family for a meal together before the little one is born, this was a great laugh and I got to wear my new dress, YAY! I also them my final baby present which was a bib with "If you think I'm cute you should see my Auntie Holly!" written on it!

I've also been busy this week making scrapbooks to put pics of the baby in, they are coming along well and will be a great way of preserving memories for years to come!

I also ordered myself a new dell laptop in pink (obviously) so thats due to arrive on the 28th, well in time for my final year of uni!

On the dialysis front, nothing new really, I felt sick a couple of times during dialysis but I think this was due to me having a large lunch before my session, this seems to be a problem because I have to weigh myself before dialysis to calculate how much fluid I need to loose, this is done by taking my weight and then calculating the difference between that and my dry weight. So if I go in today and my weight is 68.9kg I would need to loose 2.4l (2400ml) as my dry weight is 67 and then an extra 500mls for the washback through the machine at then end of dialsys. However if I have had a big lunch the scales can't calculate what is food and what is fluid and so I may take off more fluid than necessary and obviously feel ill, may get cramps and have trouble getting my blood pressure at the end of the session.

However my latest bloods weren't too bad, my potassium had come down to 4point something, it needs to be under 5 as to much can cause heart problems. My clearence has gone up from 71% to 73% which is good news, as if it was decreasing I may need to put up the time I spend on dialysis! ( I'm one of 2 people in the unit that only do 3 hours)
The only problem with my blood is my phosphates (again) I like these Alucap tablets a lot more than other tabs and I have no probs in taking them, I just cant seem to remember to take them "every" time I eat!!! Also my calcium is still a tad high due to those other tablets I was on so hopefully by the next bloods this will have reduced.

So today I am off out for lunch with my folks, Fiona and Mum's friend who is over from Ireland (not decided if I'm going to eat yet, as I don't want to feel sick again on the machine later on.) I may still go along though as I don't want to miss out on any gossip!


  1. Hope you managed the dialysis without feeling sick this time.

    Yay for pink laptops ;-)

    Jac x

  2. Judging a laptop by its cover isnt it ment to be whats inside that counts lol

  3. Hi sweetie! Am getting excited waiting to see the first photos of your gorgeous niece/nephew! My nephew and godson has a T-shirt which Brad gave him which says "If you think I'm cute, you should see my Uncle" LOL! Great marketing idea! xxxxx