Wednesday, 27 August 2008

Ok, so first things first... No baby news!!!! She is going for a routine hospital appointment tomorrow (she will be a week overdue then) so hopefully we'll know more then, maybe they will keep her in and induce her, who knows.

Seem to have had a busy few weeks really, can't pin point on things I have actually done. Met up with some friends and did some crafting (in anticipation of baby pictures.)

I also caught up with a friend I used to dialyse with Steph (who received her transplant a year ago) and one I still dialyse with, we went for a burger at Frankie and Bennys it was lovely!

On the dialysis front, nothing new really, had a few off days last week, vomitting and sickness but I'm lucky really, my really bad days are getting less and less as I get more and more used to dialysis I suppose. I have been good recently at taking my new tablets (Alucaps) and had my blood tests last night so hopefully it will show in them. I'm also counting down to my procedure on my arm (which is hurting today, for some reason!), the stent will be insterted under Local Anesthetic next Thursday and hopefully I'll be out within a few hours!

Thats it really, hopefully I'll be officially an Auntie soon and I will be able to announce the baby's name, which as yet no-one knows apart from Andy and Fiona!

I've decided that I have started talking more about family and friends rather than dialysis, so I'm going to take some pictures of the unit and talk you through my dialysis routine in my next post.... watch this space....

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