Saturday, 5 July 2008

It's been a busy week, can hardly remember what I've done!

On Monday I did a practice 2 mile walk to make sure I could actually do it, this is a big deal for me as I get tired really easily and I didn't want to ask people for sponsor money if I was unable to actually complete it! I did it in about an hour so thats not bad for me. So I'm all set now for tomorrow, I hope the weather stays nice! Thanks to everyone whose sponsored me (on and offline) I really appreciate it!

On Tuesday I had a fun day catching up with different friends, I went to a play barn with my friend Hanne and her daughter Ellie. This was great exercise running around after her and really tired me out, so I had a nap in the afternoon, ready for a night out with some other friends. Me and my friends Steph (whose had a kidney transplant) and Gary (who I dialyse with) went for a chinese and it was great to chat away from the hosp!

On Thursday I spent the whole afternoon at Warrington Hospital in the Opthalmology department! On a routine eye check about a month ago my optician said that my optic nerve was swollen and he was going to refer me. I was a bit concerned as this happened before about 2 years ago and I needed various tests and an MRI scan so I was worried that all this needed to be done again. We had to wait about 2 or more hours to be seen, I had to have special eye drops in that dilated my pupils (I looked like I was on drugs) and made my vision all blurry! I needn't have worried though, the consultant saw me and looked at the back of my eye and said it was scarring from the previous time it had swollen so it would probably always be like this! So all is good.

Finally yesterday there was a bit of a nightmare with dialysis, Warrington Hosp phoned and said that the unit had no water and so patients were going all different places to be dialysed, I was told I would have to go to Clatterbridge for 4.30. So we set off just before 4.00, but on the way there the unit manager rang and said a patient had got there before me and so he would get on first and I would have to wait until 6.30! To say I wasn't impressed was an understament, particulary because he was told to get there for 6.30!!! So we arrived at the unit after about 45 minutes and knew that we would be waiting well over an hour, which isn't the best feeling when you then have to have dialysis for 3 hours and then have to tavel all the way home again. So to kill a bit of time me, my mum and dad went for a walk to a nearby strawberry farm that we spotted on the way in! We managed to pick 2 massive ponnets of strawberries in 15minutes and I'm sure my mum ate as many as she picked! Everytime I turned round her cheeks were puffed out as she had stuffed another one in!

All the patients from my usual shift in Warrington also went to Clatterbridge so it wasn't so bad, I finally got on the machine at 6.30, there were no tellies so the time dragged and the patients actually talked to each other for once, as in Warrington the beds are set out at an angle that patients cant see or talk to eachother! So this made a change and killed a bit of time, but I'll not take the tellies at Warrington for granted now!

So I got home about 11, and watched Big Bro in bed!!!

Will let you know how I get on with the walk tomorrow! x

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  1. Hi there! Glad to hear that you've been keeping busy! Great that you and the LGTGL team got people signing up on the register. I keep sending mailshots and have a bunch of pens, bugs and posters by my front door so friends have to put them on their shopfloors, offices and local health centres. Every little bit helps eh? Been watching BB too...excited to see what these new ladies are like!! Take good care hun xxx