Saturday, 26 July 2008

Had a really busy week again this week but kind of feel like I haven't done anything productive!

Had a few lunches out, one with my friend of 12years Helen (gosh I feel old), It's great to catch up now that she has graduated from uni (congrats hun) she is moving up here again to study at Law School, so it will be great to have her close again. I have been on a few shopping trips this week too and bought a lovely dress today, I have no idea when I'm going to wear it, but it looks nice so I couldn't help myself.

Today my mum rang an old school friend and told her to come and check out my blog (hello Una if you're reading this) mum told her to google me, and so I was intrigued and decided to see what would happen if I googled myself (sad I know)! Turns out all the old newspaper and online articles are there including some that I had no idea about, although all publicity about organ donation can only be a good thing. If ya want a nosey the articles are here and here.

Thats all the news with me, not very exciting I know, dialysis has been fine, BP and weight seem to be stable and new tablets (Alucaps) seem to be fine! I haven't heard off the Royal about the procedure on my arm yet, I hope I do soon as the arrival of my neice isn't too far away and I don't want it to conincide with that! Only 25 days to go.....


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  2. Loving the dress...gorgeous!! Now its a case of the shoes eh? Hope you are ok and the dox are looking after u well? Njoy the nice weather !!!
    Lu x x x