Thursday, 10 April 2008

So I went to see the consultant...

All in all it went well. I still sometimes have trouble with my blood pressure at the end of dialysis so he increased my dry weight again, which (as usual) I wasn't impressed with, but he is so lovely I couldn't argue with him! The only thing that was dodgy about my blood results was my phosphate level (unsurprisingly) as I have an aversion to taking my phosphate binders a.) because I hate taking tablets, I'm such a big kid. b.) they are Huuuuuge. and c.) I have to use lots of my fluid restriction up taking them. So I told the Doctor all this and he has put me on two different phosphate binders one called Calcichew which I take with breakfast and tea. I have taken this before and as the name suggests you chew it rather than swallowing it (which is good for me, requires less fluid) he also put me on another binder which I can't think of the name at the mo, but it is chewable too and I take that at lunch time.

Finally as I wasn't impressed with him putting my dry weight up he suggested I should go walking for an hour a day!!!!! Think I'll start with half an hour and build up and might get my bike out when the weather starts getting nicer! The consultant also prescribed me with a tablet to control or suppress my appetite so I can hopefully loose a bit of weight... fingers crossed these work and I won't be running to the loo all the time (they contain lots of fibre which expands in the stomach, making you feel full)

So that was yesterday, and today I've been out to Stockton Heath to a jewelers to see about getting a ring for my 21st birthday which my mum and dad have very kindly offered to get me! I found one I liked it's white gold and has 3 diamonds, but the gentleman behind the counter suggested I come back when he has another particular ring in stock to see if I liked that better. All in all a successful trip, so I'm going back next week to see which of the rings I like best.

So thats it really... I am still off uni for the Easter break and so have not seen much of my mates (I miss you guys)...Only one more Uni assignment left to go... and the countdown is on till my 21st... 25days to go...

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  1. 21st how exciting! Hope these new tablets work well lovely :) xx