Friday, 21 November 2008

For more information on my Gift of Life campaign, CLICK HERE. Thanks for filming this Emily and for holding the fort while I recover! x

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hey guys! Holly here!

Just a quick update, I visited the hospital on Monday, Wednesday and I am due to go again tomorrow. All my results seem to be going in the right direction, my creatinine is slowly coming down, my Heamoglobin levels are going up and so is my White Cell count! It's great to be home although I feel like I should be able to do more, my tummy is still feeling uncomfortable and I'm getting tired really easily. I'm bloated from the surgery and have a big moon face due to the steroids I am on to kick start my kidney (which I have named Ivy by the way). But all these things are a small price to pay for not having to dialyse and of course nothing compared to what the donors family are experiencing at this time and who made all this possible by their courageous decision.

I will get round to backdating my blog soon about my transplant journey, but until then, take care x

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A message from Holly's mum last night passed on the good news that her WBC count has started to come up (slowly) of it's own accord - woohoo! This is really good news and confirms that it was the drug that caused the sudden rapid drop. Hopefully today she has continued to improve. She was awaiting an iron infusion too (to give her more energy) but they were having trouble getting venous access, so I'm unsure if she's received that yet.

I did some filming today! There are so many amazing people out there who want to help Holly with her quest that a few will be taking a far more active role....namely by being "Holly's Helpers". Watch this space to find out more! I did my first bit of filming today (ie, me hiding behind the camera and learning to work the thing!) so will get that up here asap so you can find out more :)

As always, keep spreading the word, checking in and passing on your wonderful messages of support....I know how much this is spurring Holly on so thank you :)

Emily x

Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Morning folks,

Emily here again today :)

Bit more information on Holly's latest hiccup: one of the immunosupressant drugs she was on caused a sudden drop in her white blood cell count (WBC count). They stopped the drug immediately and in order to bring it back up asap they are starting her on a specific treatment to help.

Having a very low WBC count like Holly does right now can be dangerous as it means the body is very vulnerable to infection as it has no defences, which is why she's in isolation and why the docs are working nice and fast to build some resistance back up again.

Understandably Holly is feeling pretty down about this as just as the kidney starts working, there is a new setback. However hopefully this new drug will kickstart her WBC count again and help Holly rebuild some defences asap.

Thanks for your continued wishes and support with her campaign!

Emily x

Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Emily here :)

Quick update on Holly - that kidney continues to slowly rise from its slumber which is fab stuff! On the downside, Holly has been moved to isolation as her white blood cell count has dipped a bit. This is due to being heavily immunosupressed at the moment. She's feeling a bit poorly so any lovely messages of support would be very much appreciated I'm sure.

I went up to meet the battlefront campaign team today on Holly's behalf - they were all so lovely, eager to hear how Holly is doing and all asking me to send her lots of love...the main aim now is to really get Holly's campaign up and running for her!

Emily x

Monday, 10 November 2008

hi all!

Emily here again, just introducing myself properly to Battlefront campaigners and supporters. I am a double lung transplant recipient and am friends with Hols not only due to our transplant backgrounds but also due to our fabulous ability to pout with style ;)

I am helping Holly with her Battlefront campaign until she is up and running at full speed again.

News over the weekend was good kidney-wise (Holly has not needed dialysis for a few days now so it looks like the kidney is waking up!) but her white blood cell count had dropped so she was moved to isolation. Hopefully this should pick up again quickly; I will update further soon if Holly can't.

Campaign-wise, there are even more ways you can jump on board and support Holly now! Bebo users, add Holly's campaign page as a friend. On Facebook? Join Holly's campaign group!

Thank you so much for all your support; this is a once in a lifetime opportunity to get help from some of the best in the business on how to make a campaign really great - and Holly deserves this place so very much.


Wednesday, 5 November 2008

I'm pleased to announce that I won the competition to be the 20th campaigner in the battlefront competition!

Everything seems to be happening at once!

You can follow the link here to catch up on all the latest news. Obviously I won't be able to do too much hands on stuff so stepping in to help me is the amazing Emily Thackray! (thanks hun) who will be holding fort until I am fit and able to take over the reigns!

Thanks for voting and all your support. On the kidney front its still not working, had a biopsy yesterday and the results showed changes (not rejection, so thats good) I have been put on steroids for a couple of days to see if that will kick start it!

Hope ya'll keeping well, lots of love x

Saturday, 1 November 2008

Hey guys! Its meeeee!

I'm back in the land of the internet thanks to my Gran who bought me a dongle (usb internet connector) and my bro who set it up and brought in my laptop! So I can keep up to date on all the goss!

So news....

Not much to tell really, just got off dialysis. Kidney is still sleeping!

Weeing a little bit but not a great deal. I thought I was doing well with the pain and stopped all pain killers (tramadol and Paracetamol) a few days ago, but was in a lot of pain about an hour ago so had to ask for some tramadol!

So thats it really, obviously will update asap if there is any other news.

and thanks for all your well wishes, cards and thoughts it has been a great boost and much appreciated!

And... how could I forget... Thanks to the amazing Emily for updating on me!

And its thanks to the support from my family especially mum, dad and brother that I am getting through this and obviously the wonderful donor and his/her family that made all this possible by their courageous and kind decision.

lv Holly x