Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Emily here :)

Quick update on Holly - that kidney continues to slowly rise from its slumber which is fab stuff! On the downside, Holly has been moved to isolation as her white blood cell count has dipped a bit. This is due to being heavily immunosupressed at the moment. She's feeling a bit poorly so any lovely messages of support would be very much appreciated I'm sure.

I went up to meet the battlefront campaign team today on Holly's behalf - they were all so lovely, eager to hear how Holly is doing and all asking me to send her lots of love...the main aim now is to really get Holly's campaign up and running for her!

Emily x


  1. It is such a shame she has had all this hastle getting better after the op. Hope she gets better soon and can get back on with life and enjoy all those hours she used to spend on dialysis. Sending healing thoughts her way.

  2. Hi Holly
    Sorry to hear that you are feeling rubbish but glad to hear that your kidney is starting to wake up. Hope you are feeling back to your normal self soon. Big hugs