Thursday, 13 November 2008

A message from Holly's mum last night passed on the good news that her WBC count has started to come up (slowly) of it's own accord - woohoo! This is really good news and confirms that it was the drug that caused the sudden rapid drop. Hopefully today she has continued to improve. She was awaiting an iron infusion too (to give her more energy) but they were having trouble getting venous access, so I'm unsure if she's received that yet.

I did some filming today! There are so many amazing people out there who want to help Holly with her quest that a few will be taking a far more active role....namely by being "Holly's Helpers". Watch this space to find out more! I did my first bit of filming today (ie, me hiding behind the camera and learning to work the thing!) so will get that up here asap so you can find out more :)

As always, keep spreading the word, checking in and passing on your wonderful messages of support....I know how much this is spurring Holly on so thank you :)

Emily x


  1. I hope things keep improving Holly, I know it's hard but stay positive, I had a transplant at Liverpool in February and I had a few false starts too so I know how you feel, but I'm sure Sue the nurse is keeping you entertained and the renal team will sort you out soon!
    Take care

    PS When you're up and about go down to the staff canteen by N clinic for your meals, the food is actually edible!

  2. Awesome news on the WBC, am sure it's all the positive vibes that are being sent your way. Keep it up Holly xxx

  3. Great news!! Keep going Holly - your campaign awaits!!
    Jac xx

  4. Oh wow! I am super dooper pleased to hear you got ur long awaited kidney! Fab news! I hope yhings settle down and that soon u will be at home and chilling! They say laughter is the best medicine...I have been blessed with my single lung transplant back in Aug but only got home Friday. I missed London terribly but I will bore u with it all on my blog or when we meet one day!
    Yu concentrate on getting better my love...enjoying reading ur blog, uve been a busy bee!!

    Lu xxx